Sun's out....Games Out!

ūüƧԳŹGet your 'Summer Playlist' ready for hours of outside fun! ūüĆě

From big garden board games such as Snakes & Ladders, Ludo and Draughts, to fitness fun with Jumbo Tennis & Monster Badminton sets -Traditional Garden Games has nearly 70 garden games which promise lots more fun and smiles in the sunshine. 

Lots more smiles in the sunshine with Traditional garden games


April 20, 2018 by Alexandra Moore

Playing board games is good for your health :o)

Have you fond memories of playing board games with family and friends?  Whether it was Saturday nights in, camping and caravan holidays or even when there was a power cut, the board games were always brought out for a bit of family fun - even by candlelight!

Fast forward 30 or 40 years and family fun time is very different!  Heaven forbid if there's a power cut!  The horror and panic in everyone's faces! NO XBox/Play Stations, NO TV and if phones or tablets are not charged - NO Candy Crush or Social Media. Total disaster!! 

All this reliance on screen time to entertain is having a negative impact on your family's health.  But by playing board games, you can:

  • Help family cohesion
  • Help reduce isolation
  • Keep your brain younger for longer
  • Help with children‚Äôs cognitive and social development
  • Help reduce stress
At Traditional Garden Games, we're in the business of creating happy memories with our games for outdoors.  This year, why not have more fun together outside with family and friends with our BIG board games.  Piles of smiles are promised with our Snakes & Ladders, Chess, Ludo,Crossword and Draughts games.  And if you're looking for a little fitness fun, check out our garden sports ranges. 
Make happy family memories this year with Traditional Garden Games
Traditional Garden Games Giant Snakes and Ladders for fun outside.  Health benefits of playing board games
February 28, 2018 by Alexandra Moore

Grow more smiles this SPRING with SEMBRA sow and grow kits

ūüĆĪūüĆļūüĆľ¬† At last, Spring¬†is definitely in the air today. Check out Sembra's super 'sow & grow' kits for children and adults.¬† Why not make the Sembra kits an alternative gift idea for little ones this Easter - great home projects for the whole family to get involved in.¬†

Sembra sow and grow kits from Traditional Garden Games

February 21, 2018 by Alexandra Moore

Our NEW 2018 Catalogue is hot off the press!

Here at Traditional Garden Games we're in the business of creating fun and happy memories....
....and we think our NEW 2018 Catalogue captures everything we're about!  While our existing range garden games continue to be fun family favourites, we know our new collection of games will charm and appeal to all ages. 
A special thank you to the wonderful children we 'borrowed' from friends and family of the business, for the various photoshoots.   You really are amazing little people - by all the smiles captured on the camera, we can guess you had great fun playing with our games. #pilesofsmiles
Our NEW 2018 Catalogue can be downloaded or viewed online by clicking here.  If you are a retailer and would like to stock our range of garden games, please visit our Trade Info page on this website or alternatively, drop the TGG Team an email to or call us +44 (0) 28 777 68742.
January 30, 2018 by Alexandra Moore

Start planning your visit to the UK's BIGGEST & BEST gift and home trade event!

Spring Fair 2018

Are you looking to refresh your retail offering for 2018?  Well a visit to SPRING FAIR - the UK's BIGGEST and BEST gift and home trade event, is a definite must for you!

Traditional Garden Garden is buzzing at securing another stand at this year's mega trade show - especially as we are showcasing our 10 NEW games PLUS over 20 SEMBRA 'grow your own' kits. 

****Plan your visit to Spring Fair 2018****

There's still time to get your hands on a FREE ticket (click HERE) and more importantly, to plan your visit with THE LITTLE BLACK BOOK.  Click HERE to go directly to the Spring Fair page to download THE LITTLE BLACK BOOK.  

We'd love to meet you too! 

During your visit to Spring Fair, there is so much to see and do.  We totally understand that it can be really daunting, so if you would like to have a dedicated meeting with the Traditional Garden Games team that can be easily arranged too.  Simply visit Spring Fair's Appointment Planner page and you can book a meeting with us on any 5 days at the show - easier still, follow the link HERE

Hope to see you there!


January 23, 2018 by Alexandra Moore

We're showcasing at Spring Fair 2018

January 22, 2018 by Alexandra Moore

What's trending 2018

The world‚Äôs biggest toy fair ‚ÄėSpielwarenmesse‚Äô, held annually in Nuremberg, Germany, has revealed three key toy trends for 2018.

Trend 1. Explore Nature
All of us, especially children, spend far too time looking at ‚Äėscreens‚Äôand less time playing outdoors. ‚ÄėExplore Nature‚Äô aims to bring children closer to nature,and encourages them to explore and learn more about the natural world around.
Trend 2. Team Spirit
Through life and work we all develop team skills. Together as a team, we are stronger, more capable of solving problems and completing tasks. Through team play, children can strengthen their social and emotional skills, develop communication skills, and improve confidence. By working together we can achieve!
Trend 3. Just for Fun
Must toys have a deeper meaning and invariably possess a learning function? Sometimes, toys should just be good fun! Children should be encouraged to play for play‚Äôs sake and simply let their imagination and creativity run wild ‚Äď indirectly developing their physical, cognitive and emotional strength.
With SEMBRA, children can have fun exploring nature and learn new life skills with others

SEMBRA‚Äôs range of ‚Äėsow and grow kits‚Äô encompass many elements of all Spielwarenmesse‚Äôs three toy trends for 2018.¬† With SEMBRA, children and parents can reconnect, share in an activity, experience the joys of completing projects together and have fun getting their hands dirty!


November 14, 2017 by Alexandra Moore

Loving our new sign

Right a little, left a little and up a bit - high five to the lads for positioning our fab new sign on our office wall.

November 01, 2017 by Alexandra Moore

Sow a better and greener world with SEMBRA

Traditional Garden Games Sembra sow and grow kits
*****COMING SOON TO Traditional Garden Games*****
We love the new Sembra growing kits range - we hope you do too!
With 20 sow and grow kits to choose from including Strawberry, Cherry Tomato, Spinach and Lettuce - and all complete with a step-by-step illustrated guidebook, biodegradable pots, substrate, labels and easy-to-cultivate seeds - little ones (and even big kids) can have fun learning how to grow vegetables, herbs and flowers at home. 

Available online early November, only from Traditional Garden Games
Click onto our facebook page for the full SEMBRA range

Something EXCITING is happening at Traditional Garden Games

Watch this space - as something exciting is happening at Traditional Garden Games!
Here at Traditional Garden Games we love nothing more than selling games for everyone to enjoy - well, we are in the business of creating fun and happy memories after all! 
From Jumbo Dominoes and Pick-up Sticks to timeless lawn sports such as Quoits and Boules, and not forgetting our top selling Sports Day Set, Rounders and 4-in-a Row ‚ÄĒ there‚Äôs hours of fun for all to be had with our outdoor essentials.
Want more fun?
As if 50 garden games wasn't enough, Traditional Garden Games are adding a further 10 games to it's eclectic range of products. While the 'TGG Team' claim that there's been a lot blood, sweat and tears in developing this new range of games - we know (secretly) they've had the best fun ever!  Although to be fair, we have noticed a significant change in The Boss' hair colour - but we'll put that down to an #agething shall we? 
So, what's NEW?
Ok, we're not reinventing the wheel - that's been working perfectly well for thousands of years apparently, but what we have done is develop a range of games which will appeal to all ages and can be played indoors and out.  Plus, priced between £9.99 and £19.99 they'll make great gift ideas whatever the time of year! 
Hook a winner with our charming ‚ÄėBig Fish, Little Fish‚Äô game, try to hide your ‚Äėhand‚Äô with ‚ÄėXXL Playing Cards‚Äô or together, pull¬†'the weaklings'¬†over the winning line with ‚ÄėTug of War‚Äô ‚Äď 'piles of smiles' and lots of laughter are definitely guaranteed!
When can you buy?
Online, our lovely new range will be available in good time before the crazy Christmas rush.  A number of independent retailers will have stock on their shelves early November.  Please watch this space for further updates.  
October 04, 2017 by Alexandra Moore