Good thoughts shine like sunbeams

So, over the last few months Traditional Garden Games Team has been making a few subtle changes to our working day.  Part of these changes includes a commitment to a morning meeting -  oh dear, I can hear your eyes roll to the back of your head! 

But listen up folks, it's not a normal boring meeting filled with pie charts and graphs, and lead by a bossy Boss! Instead, our morning get-together's are an opportunity for everyone to share and (more importantly) listen to each other's positives and negatives of their working day. PLUS, we even have a bit of craic - usually at boss' expense lol 

Each morning the meeting leader for that day, shares an inspirational quote, image or word with us all - how did we ever manage before Google? And today I'd like to share a wonderful quote from Roald Dahl which (I think) resonates with many - keep having happy thoughts sunbeams :0) 

This Spring and Summer, spend more time outdoors having fun and #makingmemories with family and friends 

April 15, 2019 by Alexandra Moore
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