Try something NEW in 2019

Give gardening a go with Sembra sow and grow your own kits

Make 2019 the year for trying something NEW

Research from around the world confirms that gardening really is good for you - bringing benefits to your physical and mental well-being.  As we start a new year, why not give gardening a go with our Sembra 'sow and grow your own kits'.

There's everything in the box needed to grow seasonal produce at home - just add water and a little love!

No Garden? No worry!  It really doesn't matter if you don't have any garden space - the Sembra kits are perfect projects even if you live in a city apartment. All produce can be grown in the smallest of spaces such as a sunny windowsill.  If you do have a balcony or patio space, and the threat of frost has passed, your homegrown plants can be simply re-potted and placed outside for you to continue to enjoy the rewards of picking your own homegrown produce. 

Check out the full range of Sembra sow and grow kits here - there's planting projects for all seasons.

January 07, 2019 by Alexandra Moore
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