Give gardening a's good for you!

‘Gardening has probably saved my life’: one thriving Glasgow community

At this vital community space in Govan, locals are mucking in for the good of everyone’s health.  Click the image to read how gardening changed the lives of a community in Scotland.

If you want to give gardening a go, check out our Sembra 'sow and grow your own' kits for children and adults.  They make super gifts at anytime of the year!


Give gardening a go with Sembra

Gardening is good for you Sembra sow and grow your own Traditional Garden Games

The HTA’s ‘Gardening is good for you’ campaign reveals just how good gardening is for everyone.

All ages can be inspired to 'give gardening a go' with Sembra 'sow and grow your own' kits.  Choose from over 20 kits to grow your own produce from seed - whatever the time of year!  

Check out more about the @HTAnews  'Gardening is good for you' campaign for 2018 here.

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Inspire your little seedlings to be our gardeners of the future with #Sembra 'sow and grow your own' kits. 

With over 20 kits to choose from, each project kit is packed with specially selected seeds, biodegradable pots, substrate, labels, pot tray and an illustrated guide.

NO Garden needed - just add water and a little LVE 

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