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Playing board games is good for your health :o)

  • 1 min read

Have you fond memories of playing board games with family and friends?  Whether it was Saturday nights in, camping and caravan holidays or even when there was a power cut, the board games were always brought out for a bit of family fun - even by candlelight!

Fast forward 30 or 40 years and family fun time is very different!  Heaven forbid if there's a power cut!  The horror and panic in everyone's faces! NO XBox/Play Stations, NO TV and if phones or tablets are not charged - NO Candy Crush or Social Media. Total disaster!! 

All this reliance on screen time to entertain is having a negative impact on your family's health.  But by playing board games, you can:

  • Help family cohesion
  • Help reduce isolation
  • Keep your brain younger for longer
  • Help with children’s cognitive and social development
  • Help reduce stress
At Traditional Garden Games, we're in the business of creating happy memories with our games for outdoors.  This year, why not have more fun together outside with family and friends with our BIG board games.  Piles of smiles are promised with our Snakes & Ladders, Chess, Ludo,Crossword and Draughts games.  And if you're looking for a little fitness fun, check out our garden sports ranges. 
Make happy family memories this year with Traditional Garden Games
Traditional Garden Games Giant Snakes and Ladders for fun outside.  Health benefits of playing board games