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How to build the Traditional Garden Games WIGWAM Play Tent

  • 1 min read

Building our Wigwam Plat Tent is child's play!  Simply follow the steps below or the YouTube video, and in no time the kids will be having lots of fun playing make-believe with our top selling native American themed Wigwam Play Tent.

Have more fun - why not get the children involved in building the Wigwam play tent! 

Building your Wigwam Play Tent:

  1. Empty the contents of the Wigwam Play Tent box
  2. Lay all components out on the floor/ground
  3. First, build the tent base frame: Insert all the rods into the connecting joints. The rods will slightly bend to help form a circle
  4. Insert the base frame into the Wigwam and securely tie at the tent opening
  5. Now to build the tent's upright frame: Connect the 4 long upright rods
  6. Connect the 4 short curved rods to the 4 long upright rods.
  7. Insert the 4 top ends of the long upright rods to the black connecting disc - you will now have the tent's upright frame
  8. Place the structure inside the Wigwam tent - pointy end in first!!
  9. Connect the upright structure to the tent's base frame
  10. Tie the upright structure to the Wigwam fabric
  11. The accessories can be used to either 'dress' the Wigwam or to use for dressing-up